Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

This week is brought to you by 'winter in Nova Scotia'.....

These container cranes are SO BIG down on the Halifax waterfront....

They remind me of something out of 'Star Wars'!
Check out the sheer ice on this path....Thursday as Sophie
and I hiked through the park.
I swear by my 'Yaktraks'!

A quick warm-up at the shop and we are off again!

I have been at these remains of the old British fortresses
since my brothers and I played there as kids.

They have all been reinforced for safety sake.

Ron at Lake Banook earlier in the week.....

Container crane reflection in Halifax Harbour.....

When I was a kid we could go inside this part of the fortress.

This side of that far piece of land is the entrance to Halifax Harbour.....
taken from the shop on the Eastern Shore......where we live.

Solitary bench at the park.....

Sophie this week......almost time for a trim!

Thursday along the Northwest Arm trail.....

A bench near Lake Banook.....

There is something about benches....can't explain it.
Maybe their emptiness.....


  1. And this week in N.S. the snow fell yet again. And on the way it also fell in New York, not sure where it was on the way to??? Love those photos, with some enhancement, naturally, and for our further enjoyment, Ron and Sophie just happened to be somewhere as well. Yaktracks, they must be the best invention for slippery ice walking that have ever been made. Stay safe, and warm.

  2. So glad Sophie was able to trek the park ~ next time I will accompany the both of you ~ promise!!

  3. I bet that's an old lithograph of Robbie Burns in that one photo!

    1. Debra, I am pretty it isn't Robbie but I will check to find out whom.

    2. LOL! I am pretty?! ......pretty sure.....

  4. I love to see photos! HA!
    It will be 68 degrees today here in Georgia. We might not be able to win the Super Bowl, but doggone it, I think we win on weather! :-)

  5. Great shots, Jim. Looks like another fun week over at your place. Miss Sophie is looking mighty fine. I bet she keeps you both on your toes.

  6. Lovely selection and processing Jim very artistic, wishing a good week ahead.

  7. Wow, I just love all those beautiful pictures. A true ART!!! Have a wonderful week:)

  8. Jim, you make the ordinary extraordinary! The bench shots are wonderful! Have a good one, my friend!


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