Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

The week started off with our first BIG snow storm/nor'easter on Monday
which lasted for 36 hours.

The above shot was taken half-way through.

This was the back garden on Tuesday morning....

This was taken the day before the storm....Sunday
at the Northwest Arm in Flemming Park.

This is the Dingle Tower at Flemming Park kids my parents took us here regularly for the beach
and the climb up into the tower.

This was taken from my shop last Saturday looking out into the Atlantic.

Looking down the road partway through the storm.....

Colour and warmth back inside the house.....
this painting was done by a fellow, Francois, I met who was from Montreal
and was selling his estate due to illness.
He came to see me at the shop to see if I was interested
in what he had. He had incredible things which I could not resist
and he was very pleased that he was able to move them along.
I call this 'still-life'  Boiled Dinner .

'One too many'!! the shop.

Snow/winter garden = winter art

Two very large cargo tankers on the horizon....

Winter stream at the Dingle Tower....

Pre-storm walk on beach....

Fresh frozen trickle....

Pine tree and snow drifts in garden.....

Another view of the Dingle Tower....


Ron and Sophie loving the fresh air......


  1. good morning your snow photos or more like paintings-very nice. we have yet to have winter here-a few cold spells but no snow as of yet. this week mid 70s=craziness lol I am waiting for the big blast of winter that will surely come eventually have an awesome day

    1. Hello Kathy! Our winters as of late are in February here along the Atlantic coast.
      I have heard that a lot of places are having really mild weather.
      I hope you are keeping busy with your lists of activities and artwork.

    2. Good morning-I am indeed lol back to working on our bathroom need to collect more rocks to finish up the rock work-almost ready to paint the walls-seeing progress finally still doing crafts

  2. Replies
    1. That we did but I must say we have seen worse. This one LASTED FOR SO LONG!!

  3. You are an artist! It's fortunate you're surround by so much beauty that you can sure. I'll bet you're looking forward to the thaw!

    1. Actually, Mitchell, our thaw began yesterday with a 6C temperature!! It'll be off and on again now till about late April. Then the long underwear can be put away!!

  4. I heard about the storm you had, great pictures of it. I think the painting looks too fresh to be boiled.....The rain has stopped here, but more is on the way. My road is a very deep, muddy mess, and our creek is going full speed. Love it!

    1. We survived the storm, Inger and I was kind of happy to hear that you got some rain finally! I know parts of California got too much but better than that drought, wouldn't you say? I suppose a little of each would be better. Enjoy your mud and creek!!

  5. you officially have more winter than we do!

    1. It took a while but it IS here now for a while. I am thankful that our temperatures don't plunge as far down as they do in other parts of Manitoba!!

  6. THAT'S where all the snow went. We haven't had much this year. Glad you're all safe and sound.

    1. I am wondering how much snow Cornwall gets? Much the same as Kingston? Time will tell.
      We are a tough lot here in N.S.

  7. Wow quite the collection of snow photos I love your creative processing, hope it stops snowing for you for a while, stay warm!!!!

    1. Thanks Margo. I really like putting my own spin on some photos.
      Supposed to be a snowless week ahead....we will see.


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