Sunday, February 19, 2017

Eclectic Tastes

When I was a child my family would often spend time in Prince Edward Island
in the maternal grandparents were both originally from there.

It felt like a second home almost.......all those long red clay roads
and the car always getting covered in it.

The artist today is Lennie Gallant.
He is from and lives in P.E.I.
He was and still is a popular 'folk musician' in Canada.

'Abegweit' is the Mi'kmaq name for P.E.I.
This First Nations people lived there before 'we' arrived.

I am imagining having this whole beautiful island
in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence
all to yourself......

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


  1. Wow to the music... and to PEI. I've been learning so much about it from Larry Muffin and Will He Or Won't He's blogs.

  2. i just love it there so much! except i could do without the red clay! we stayed in a lighthouse there!

    1. PEI is like no other tranquil and relaxing.
      Joyce, do you remember where that lighthouse was?

  3. Gawd, Lennie Gallant's been around forever, hasn't he? We loved our time in PEI a couple of years ago. Such a wonderful place!

    1. Seems like he has, Debra. He's 'keeping his foot in the door' as they say.
      Yes, PEI is special.

  4. Thanks for this haunting song today, I have bookmarked Lennie Gallant and will check out more of his music. Have a good week!!!

    1. I think you will enjoy his work, Margo.


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