Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

This past week started with a family gathering for our annual Christmas party....

Yes, that is my 100 year old father feeding his newest Great-grandson, Chase.

Then an earlier than usual winter set-in here in Nova Scotia...

It all started on Wednesday with rain turning to snow turning to rain...

Then snow on Thursday and that's when the cold temperatures hit as well....
today with the windchill it was -25C.

This was last Saturday....a typical bright sunny cool day...bearable.

So, let's stay inside and visit my shop Mid-Century Maniac....

Mostly mid-century dishes by Homer Laughlin who designed
Fiesta ware.

Crystal is always popular at Christmas....

I like this Pine Cone set....

In the kids corner....Winnie and Raggedy Ann

Vintage coffee carafes....

An antique 3-slat rocker

Hello!! Calling all jazz enthusiasts....

I LOVE this kitty! He is definitely a feral cat (check out that ear!!)

Check out this bow to a carved wooden ship.......probably not 'sea-worthy'


  1. Okay, Jim, you're the dinnerware expert so you'll know this. Last weekend My Rare One and I went to see the movie "Loving" (about the legalization of inter-racial marriage in the USA) which takes place in the 1960s. In one scene, the wife is doing dishes in the sink and they are Corelle dishes by Corning. Now, My Rare One and I both do NOT remember Corelle being available in this time period. In the 60s, durable plates were all Melmac. SO JIM -- was this an anachronism in the movie or are we wrong and Corelle dishes DO date from that time period? Inquiring minds need to know.

    1. The producers of this film obviously didn't check the 'continuity' throughout, Debra, because Corelle wasn't introduced till 1970.
      Now maybe Corelle paid for this advertising in the movie if it was that obvious one could see who made the dishes.
      I grew up on Melmac because it was expensive to replace china all the time with 9 kids! But I don't believe it was popular with smaller families as far as I can remember....maybe it was.
      They/the movie props people could have used Pyrex plates if they cared about film continuity.
      Why didn't they just call me!! lol

    2. I KNEW IT! And the only reason we recognized it as Corelle is because it had Corelle's original classic pattern design around the rim of the plates. It's so nice to be vindicated -- thanks, Jim!

      We had all Melmac dishes in our house because my Mom lost her temper on an epic basis one day and smashed every piece of our china dinnerware on the floor. She was the one who bought the Melmac so she couldn't repeat the incident.

  2. What a lovely collection of MCM stuff!

    1. Hey Mark!
      I really enjoy finding items for the shop that are a little different and interesting.

  3. My favorite photo is the one of your dad with the baby.


    1. When I looked over and saw Dad with Chase I was immediately taken back to a time when this was a very typical image/scene in my house as a kid. There was a baby every two years from when I was two till I was 12.
      Dad looked so content doing this last week. Happy I captured it, Janie.
      A very Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Meow Meow!

    Is MeowMeow coming to live with us!?!

  5. I love the photo collage of the family gathering, especially the one of your father feeding the baby. That is priceless! And I also love your dad's Christmas sweater! That is adorable. Looks like a wonderful time was had.

    And what an amazing collection you have at your shop. Very unique and eclectic items that you will not find anywhere else.

    1. That sweater had NAUGHTY written on it! 'Fit' him to a tee!! A brother brought it for him and he was willing to wear it! As I said above, he hasn't lost his knack for feeding babies...lots of practice!

  6. Ah, Jim, you make me happy. Great family photos! Beautiful snow photos (FAR AWAY FROM HERE)! And always wonderful stuff in the shop!±

    1. So many people in my family, Mitch, it's a photographer's dream come true!
      As I look out living room window it is 10C and foggy. We never know what to expect in Nova Scotia....particularly along the coastal regions.......right?
      Off to the shop now.....

  7. Wonderful family photo surrounded by love, you are very fortunate. I also love the photo of the rain on the window and all the lovely displays in your shop this might be the first time that Sophie is not featured.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos with us this year, from one end of the country to yours, wishing you both a wonderful Christmas and the happiest of new years.

    1. And thank you for looking at my posts as regularly as you have, Margo.
      Now how did I miss Sophie this week!? OOPPS!
      A very Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Happy New Year.


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