Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

Before the snow flies.....

New/old dishware at shop.....Early California pottery and Homer Laughlin ware.

I never tire of this view at the shop.

Path heading to the harbour at park in Halifax.....

At Halifax's 'gem'.....


The Salt Marsh which is a 'stone's throw' from our house......
took this from the car yesterday....Ron was driving.

Through the woods....

Christmas at the shop....

OK...another shot of the Atlantic.

Cargo freighters are constantly coming and going from Halifax Harbour.

Here is one 'stocking up' to the rafters!


  1. Those containers, how do they all stay on in rough seas? Lovely scenes, my #1 for today would have to be" A man and his dog off to see someone in the distance" Hope you keep warm as the snow arrives.

  2. So much beauty for a Saturday morning!

  3. i would love to visit your shop! gorgeous photos! especially the one of ron!!!

  4. Got no snow yet, eh? Well, enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. You have the prettiest things in your shop.


  6. Lovely selection today I really like your beautiful table display in the shop, hope the three of you have a good week.

    ps I have a photo blog thought you may enjoy a peek sometime

  7. Great collection, Jim! I love that 'Christmas at the shop' image. Very festive. And those dishes are really cool. So colourful.


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