Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

A little of this, and a little of that kind of week.....

Wild primrose everywhere this summer....

'Second showing' of wild roses/Rugosa Rosa at the park......

Morning cyclists along the 207......

Ron and Sophie chillin on the hill.....

The MacDonald House in mid-summer....

At Herring Cove west of Halifax.....

The Presbyterian Church of Saint David in downtown Halifax....

Beautifully sunlit stained-glass windows in the above church...

Ron and Louise, a friend of Ron's from junior high and visiting here with her family
in Nova Scotia, at Herring Cove last week.

Louise and I dropped in to see my sister, Mim, in downtown
Halifax while Ron was minding Sophie in a local park.

At the park in the city on Thursday while this fog rolled in
 as quickly as it disappeared.....

Found a few 'mutant' (?) pink Queen Anne's Lace blossoms at the park.....
with the tiny drop of 'blood' in the middle.


  1. Wonderful shots, Jim! Looks like it's been a great week. How wonderful that you had a visit from Louise!

    1. We had two very busy days hiking and sight-seeing, Martha. It is always good to spend time with Louise.

  2. Things are rough here. I enjoy a moment of bliss while looking at your photos. I'll probably be back to enjoy the soothing effect again.


    1. Enjoy away anytime you want or need to, Janie!
      Hope all the pounding has stopped once and for all!!

  3. Always enjoy your Saturday Morning Post. looks like you had a lovely week.

  4. That pink QAL is lovely! I've never seen one like that before. I so enjoyed meeting your sister Mim, Denise, JoAnn, and Jackie! what fun!


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