Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

This week has been brought to you by the number '3'.......

A photograph made up of 3 distinct parts is supposedly easier to look at.

Looking up the Northwest Arm towards the city.....


Looks like 3 people but.....

At the river.....taken from the shop

3 sailboats.....

3 friends........spent a couple of days with Louise
an old school mate of Ron's who was here visiting with family 
in Nova Scotia and with us.

Reminds me of an old vintage postcard.....


Sophie with Louise at Peggy's Cove....
standing by 3 BIG granite rocks.


  1. A good prime number, and every photo proves that so well. 3 friends, my pick for today.

  2. 3 words JOY ~ LAUGHTER ~ JOY !!!

    It just happens that 2 of the words are the same!!

  3. Glad to see that you guys and Louise had a fun visit together!

  4. Great shots! How wonderful that you got to enjoy some time with Louise. And I love that photo of Ron and Sophie taking a nap. It is so sweet the way she's snuggled up against him.

  5. I love your run on three, Jim! You have wonderful photos to share, as always! After getting up at 3 am on Saturday to catch my too-early flight in Halifax, several three-hour naps since arriving home, on day three at home, I'm ready to reengage in the blogging world. Thanks for the best time!


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