Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

Moving into fall in the Maritimes (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
and Nova Scotia)......

Passing the salt marsh....

Vintage chair from 1972......

I like chairs!
Here are three antique slatback chairs......

This 'tornado' cloud caught my attention at the beach this week....

From my perch at the shop.....where the river meets the sea.

A scene of which I never tire......

Ron and Sophie....

Just added these three vintage 1930's serving dishes from Mexico to the shop.....
love the colours.

The 'marine-themed' wall at MacDonald House where my shop is.....

Had to start the gas stove/heater this week due to chilly temperatures.......
early this year.


  1. Love your flames, so cheery, we haven't had a fire for a week or so now!!! Lovely views of river and ocean.

    1. Thanks, Jean. It was SO good to turn that little stove heater on! you leave yours behind for a few months.

  2. A lot of colour this week, Jim! It certainly brings autumn to mind. Love the tornado cloud!

    1. Not much 'fall colour' around here yet, Martha.
      That cloud stood out down at the beach.

  3. It's cold and rainy here today -- real fall weather!

    1. Like it or not, Debra, we are heading towards a Canadian winter!!

  4. I'm enjoying your fall-inspired photos, JIm. Keep warm and revel in the colors.

  5. I can certainly see your love of line in these photos, Jim! Terry often remarks that my photos remind me of yours ~ We both often have strong lines in our photos. Ron is very much into color and abstract. Have a good one!


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