Thursday, May 12, 2016

Time Is On Our Side......Yes It Is....., what we do with that time is another story.

I have always tried to remain in the present as best I can.
That way 'time' doesn't seem to be slipping back into the past 
and away into the future.

I really think our past misgivings and future fears consume us.
And we wonder where the time has gone.

Today, nine years ago, my mother passed away.
I remember that morning as if it was yesterday.
There was a calmness in her house that wasn't there for a very long time.
She found peace.

This sundial is in our garden and keeps very good time.
It was just past 4:30 PM when I took this photo.


  1. Been there, worn the t shirt

  2. Now I have the song running through my brain. No point in living in the past. It brought us to where we are, and we're done with it. I don't worry about the future. What good does it do?


  3. What a great post, Jim. The present seems the best place to be.

  4. Although it's best to live in the present, we can't help but think about the past and future from time to time. So long as we don't take up permanent residence in either, all is well!

  5. I'm happy in the present and treasure the past but I'm usually one step ahead filling the calendar with weekly outings having things to look forward to, I don't know what that says about me, but I feel happy in side.

  6. I really love that photo of the sundial, it's lovely.
    I just wrote down a great quote, wish I could remember it. It was from the book "The Railway Man". Now, you will have to read the book! :-)


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