Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

What I noticed this week.......

Dropped in to see my sister, Jo-Ann and her partner, Milan this week.

From my perch at the shop....

MacDonald House staircase displaying marine-themed paintings and photos.....
from my shop.

Some much needed rain moving in ......

I added this work to the shop last's a collage
of different coloured veneers (wood).

We (Sophie, Ron and I) met our great nephew, Gabe this week......6 months old.

Gabe and his dad, Jacob (nephew).....


HUGE container ship in Halifax Harbour....

Sophie needed she went on her own into the harbour at the park.

A view of McNabs Island in Halifax Harbour.....

'Samson and Goliath'.....?
OOPPS! lol
That would be 'David and Goliath'.

Saw this yesterday at the beach boardwalk....set up by the lifeguards this summer.


  1. Beautiful welcome stones, lovely outlooks at every corner, skies with blue so blue, and Sophie having what might be a last swim in what she would think is warm water. Hope all is well with you up North.

  2. Oh, what a great photo of Sophie meeting the baby Gabe, so cute!!
    And that elephant with tusks, make from wood, that is beautiful.

  3. I loved the photo of Jo-Ann and Milan ~ loved meeting them even more! and such a darling photo of SD with Gabe, as well as father and son! Your photography is awesome as always, but it's the emotional ones that get me every time! Don't work too hard renovating Mid-Cenury today, Jim!

  4. Oh, I love that photo with Sophie and Gabe. Soooo sweet and sooo cute! And that image "Some much needed rain moving in..." Wow, incredible!

  5. Sorry I haven't commented lately trying to catch up had company and more on the way. I always enjoy your posts and the Saturday ones are really special love the beautiful photos and this week is no exception Sophie looks so gentle meeting Gabe such a good dog. Enjoy the last days of summer all the best to you and yours.

  6. So much fun here! The cloud picture is amazing, Sopie gives good kisses and it's great to see her in the water, doing what she does best. I love the say you are going here, from huge container ship to small flower. Great to see you sister, smiling so happily with her partner.

  7. Gabe and Sophie ~ so squinty precious!!!!

  8. Good ones, Jim. I always love the Saturday recap. I'm afraid that baby steals the show this week!


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