Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

Slim pickins from which to choose photos this week due to migraines.....

Very poor attempt at capturing full moon through birches from window....

Coming out of driveway one evening at dusk....

Air travel was very evident one evening.....heading to Europe....

The Atlantic Ocean......

I did manage to go to work Wednesday at the shop....

Looking over to Lawrencetown Beach from MacDonald House second floor.....

Line-up for entry......

I like 'lines'.......

Sophie met a new friend, Schooner, a Golden Doodle,
at the park on Thursday.
'We owners' had a blast watching them play.


  1. I am thinking the first photo might just be how your brain and head are feeling. And you had time to send me that fantastic photo of a " Mariner's Compass" complete with the beautiful Fleur-de-lis. Rest well, a dark room, ice cold noise, and I'm sending hopes that these will soon all be a distant memory.

    1. That wasn't intentional, Jean, but it may have been a subconscious thing!!
      And thanks for the education on the Mariner's compass quilt!
      There was no way I couldn't share this with you after reading your recent blog post on Mariner's quilts!!

  2. Sorry about the migraines, Jim. I hope you are feeling much better. Sophie seems to make friends everywhere she goes!

    1. Hey thanks, Martha. I am feeling better by the day.
      Sophie LOVES people! Dogs? It all depends if she can be the boss! Then all is well!

  3. I had the same reaction to the first photo that Jean did! I hope those pesky auras stay away from you, Jim! I had a fast one this morning, came and went in about five minutes, and without it's usual mustard-vibrant pink violet, saw-toothed colors. Still wiggled and grew with ever increasing black chevrons. When I first had one, some 40+ years ago, it scared the heck out of me. I raced right to an eye-doctor who thought I was nuts. Now lots of people understand what they are.

    I've often wondered if some people who see auras of different colors around people are actually having migraines or experiencing some other brain event. Does your head ache when you see them?? Mine doesn't; although my sisters who experience them too often have bad headaches at the same time. Have you ever thought of them as opening a third eye, you who are so fascinated with Eastern philosophy?

    I don't fight them; I just acknowledge them and let them go, and pretty soon they're gone (usually in 15 or 20 minutes). Although sometimes I just watch the lights and wiggles with an odd fascination. It's something I'm very Pema about! Wish I could do that with other things in my life. Just sharing all this in the hope it might help in some way! Relax, breathe, acknowledge, and let the worries go!

    Take care, my friend!

    1. I had my first one about 10 years while driving.....all the print letters on road signage was disappearing. I thought I was having a stroke of some sort. Luckily I was near home and went to my doctor the next day I believe. He said that these were the 'better' ones to have over the 'head migraines' with pain and light sensitivity.
      I realized as well early on that these aren't about to kill me so I have nothing to do but to accept them and watch the 'show'.
      One doctor told me after my concussion (I had so many migraines after that event) that if they didn't stop he would recommend a beta-blocker medication which can help.
      They stopped but since then and since I take a beta-blocker as part of my 'heart regimen' I increase it slightly for a few days after the migraine.
      I appreciate you sharing this with me and i am wondering if there is 'more to them' than meets the 'eye'.

  4. Ouch! Has your DR ever suggested magnesium supplements for migraines? (Don't take without asking if you're on other meds.) Hope you feel better soon, Jim. Few things are worse than head pain.

    1. No he hasn't, Barb. But our Naturopath has and tested us both.....Ron needs it daily and she said I was fine. That was a few years ago. I will get her to test me again. Thanks.
      Actually my migraines are aura only with no head ache.....but they do make me feel nauseous for a few days. And since I had 6 in a row over 3 days......I was pretty shaky.
      I will ask my pharmacist to see if magnesium has any contraindications with my meds and go from there.
      Thanks so much for this suggestion, Barb.

  5. i have suffered from sever migraines since i was a child. i've taken all kinds of medications which never helped. excedrine migraine is a miracle. within 15 minutes of the onset, i am functional. they used to take me out for days!

    1. So many people suffer from these migraines, Joyce.
      You are very fortunate to have found what works for you. I am pretty sure that this round I have discovered a main trigger.....over-exertion in my left shoulder....from an 'old injury'. Also, overcast weather conditions can be challenging as well.
      I don't think excedrine is available here.


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