Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Note.....

When I started blogging I had a goal.
It was to extend myself out there and 'meet' people
(and I actually met a few in person!).

I was also recuperating from a severe concussion.
It was suggested that maybe 'blogging' 
would be a good exercise for my brain.
It was.

I have also learned that when blogging
what one puts into it, one reaps in return.
This is SO true and can be seen by all the very
successful blogs out there.

Lately I haven't been putting much of an effort
into my posts.
They became very rote to do.....not much thought behind them.

This told me that, just maybe, it is time to stop for a while.
So I have.

Thank you to all from whom I have learned things
that I didn't imagine I would ever.
I will continue to follow my favourite bloggers.
I can't imagine not hearing from these people
and what they are up to.

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